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Worship and Music
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Children in Worship

During the 10 a.m. Sunday worship, our children come into church with their family members and stay for the opening song.  They then leave to go to their classes. Read more at our Sunday School link.
They return to church with their teachers in time to receive Holy Communion with their families.  On special occasions we have family worship where the children stay in church and the sermon is child centered.  If families prefer the children to stay with them, that is perfectly acceptable, as well. We want everyone to feel comfortable during service, and are glad that you are celebrating with us. There are always crayons and coloring pages available for children to use. Messiah members standing by the door are always available to help connect you with these resources and answer any questions that you may have.


Service for families with young children at 9 AM.

We offer a interactive, 30 minute service for young children and their families.  The children will be encouraged to participate in the story, to sing simple songs, to learn to pray and to share the bread and wine (grape juice.)   It will be very informal and no one is too young to come.  There is also a toy-filled nursery nearby if a child needs a few minutes away from the service. 

There is plenty of parking at the church. 

Talk to the rector if you would like more information 908 879 5736.


Our children recently performed a song that incorporated sign language.
It was beautiful! Well done children!
Thank you to our teachers and volunteers who organized it!

Our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith, talks with our children on his visit to Messiah.



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